Boat Race Officials Education & Development

The operation of all regattas comes under the control of Boat Race Officials (BROs). BROs are integral to the operation of our sport and to providing a competitive environment that is safe and fair for all athletes.

Boat Race Official Courses 


Read the Rules of Rowing as pertains to these areas as preparation – see Rowing WA webpage. 
You are not expected to memorise or be completely conversant with the rules it is more to familiarise yourself with the content.
Read also the Code of Ethics and fill out the form which should then be given to the co-ordinator of the Boat Race Official Course.

Code of Ethics >
Code of Ethics form >

Working With Children

All Rowing WA Boat Race Officials are legally required to have a current Working with Children Check. Please ensure your card information is current and submitted to the Development and Operations Coordinator at

For information on how to obtain your working with Children Check or how to renew it online please click here


Boat Race Officials Pathway

1. Level 1 Accreditation

The Level 1 program is aimed at someone wanting to begin their officiating career. This program trains officials who have minimal background in rowing and will officiate predominantly at club and school level regattas. Examples of this type of official are teachers and parents with non-rowing backgrounds and current rowing club members wanting to help out at regattas. This program trains officials who will officiate at a local club and school regattas. These officials will be trained in regattas procedures, rules of racing, judging, umpiring, marshalling, radio protocols, and safety protocols. After the successful completion of the above, the participant will be required to spend approximately 5 hours in each area with a mentor and pass the Level 1 BRO online course to achieve accreditation as a Level I Official. The amount of time actually spent will vary according to the function, ie Control Commission will probably be less than Umpiring.

Course Prerequisites: Attendees must be at least 16 years of age.

2. Level 2 Accreditation

The Level 2 course is aimed at senior officials looking to take their officiating further. This program trains officials who already have some experience in the sport and aims to provide the official with the knowledge and skills to officiate at state level regattas. They will have enough knowledge to effectively make decisions and potentially referee at a small regatta. Level 2 officials will also be able to mentor more junior officials and have good knowledge of the rules of racing and how to apply them, as well as duties of control commission and starter.

Course Prerequisites: At least two years’ officiating experience holding the Level 1 officiating accreditation. Minimum three regattas officiated / year (metropolitan) or two regattas/year (regional areas).

3. Level 3 Rowing Australia Accreditation

The Level 3 accreditation is aimed at officials intending to officiate at national championship regattas and to referee at club/school and state-level regattas. This program aims to develop the official’s concepts of racing rules, application to incidents, refereeing, control commission, starting and high level umpiring. These officials also have the potential to mentor Level 1 and 2 officials.

Course Prerequisites:

  • At least one year’s officiating experience holding the Level 2 officiating accreditation
  • Officiated at a state championships regatta


A FISA officiating licence is an advanced accreditation level. It is aimed at high-level officials who endeavour to officiate at international championship regattas.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Level 3 completed
  • Recommendation from Rowing Australia / Umpires Commission to FISA

BRO Re-Accreditation

If your accreditation has expired you can apply for re-accreditation by returning the Re-accreditation form below to the Rowing WA office.

Information on the National Rowing Officiating Accreditation Scheme can be found in the document below.

If you have any further questions relating to officials education please contact the Development & Operations Coordinator at Rowing WA.