Club Constitutions & Affiliation


All Rowing WA affiliated clubs are required to have current constitutions which meet the requirements and are compliant with state government legislation.

The State government has provided resources to help assist clubs with the transition, develop their rules and complete the required checks;

  • Transition Pack 3 is the perfect workbook with step by step instructions. The pack includes everything you need to change the rules.
  • The Model Rules are a standard set of rules that can be adopted by associations who do not wish to develop their own rules.
  • What’s in the Rules includes information about each of the Schedule 1 matters to be included in the rules.


Club | School | Group Affiliation

It is a requirement that any entity that wishes to participate in Rowing WA regattas be either an Affiliated Club or Associate Club with Rowing WA to ensure that participants are covered by the Rowing WA Personal Accident Insurance and must acknowledge, understand, and agree to the declaration and conditions of Affiliation / Association.

New Affiliations

Any new rowing body looking to become affiliated with Rowing WA must complete the process outlined in our 2021 Rowing WA Affiliation Information Pack. 

Affiliation Renewal

For those already affiliated in the previous Rowing WA membership year, please also refer to the information pack for how to renew for the next membership year.


Affiliation fees for 2021 are as follows:

  • Metropolitan Rowing Club/Group: $121.00 (inc GST)
  • Regional Rowing Club/Group: $60.50 (inc GST)

Download the 2023 Affiliation Pack HERE