WA High Performance Pathways Program - Pathways 2024

Our vision: To consistently produce world-class rowers

Following the establishment of Rowing Australia’s CampaignNumberOne High Performance Strategy and the subsequent implementation of two national training centres, the role of the state-based pathway programs has significantly evolved. The WA strategy is outlined in a document called Pathways 2024.


Left: 2023 U19 JW4- (Spencer & Fievez), Centre: 2023 Bronze Medal U23W4- (Pretorius), R: 2023 Silver Medal @ World Champs W2- (McIntyre)

Our mission: 

  • 11% of athletes consistently in the National Training Centres
  • 11% of Austalian-based U23 ART athletes
  • 1 x winning crew at each Interstate Regatta (i.e. King's/Queen's Cup)

Our values:

  • Performance - Achieving superior rowing results by defining and implementing a nation’s-best pathways program.
  • Sustainability - Putting a structured programme in place that withstands personnel changes, is supported by and leverages the greater rowing community.
  • Accountability - Defining and accepting appropriate criteria and responsibility, and delivering on commitments.
  • Integrity - Doing what is right and doing what we say we will do.
  • Respect - Embracing openness, trust, teamwork and relationships that are mutually beneficial.


  • Create a high performance culture in WA
  • Increase number and retention of athletes in the talent pathway
  • Improve capability and capacity of the high performance system in WA
  • Develop sustainable talent recruitment and retention programs


  1. Strong technical and governance system leadership
  2. Embrace collaboration amongst pathway system partners
  3. Invest in our best athletes and coaches
  4. Systematically identify and nurture our best athletes of the future
  5. Regularly monitor program success including pathway athletes, partners and coaches
  6. Diversify pathway opportunities

Read through the full Pathways 2024 Strategy here


The 2020 Strategy

During 2016-2017, Rowing WA, WAIS and a variety of other high performance rowing stakeholders reviewed previous HP models to ensure the WA Pathways Program recognises the strengths and challenges within our local environment. This strategy formed the basis of the 2024 strategy after a full review process. 

Click here to view the Superseded 2020 Pathway Strategy

Please direct any questions on the strategy or other documentation to Daniel Tackenberg at ceo@rowingwa.asn.au in the first instance.