2024 Rowing WA Membership Fees

All prices on this page are GST-inclusive

Membership Type Membership Fee Event Type Eligibility
   Club     School  Masters Unrestricted
Competitive Rower / Cox - Senior $97.40 Y   Y1 Y
Competitive Rower / Cox - Junior $69.00 Y Y2   Y
School Rower/Coxswain $40.00   Y   Y
Coach $25.00       Y
RWA Boat Race Official/Club Volunteer $0.00       Y
Non-Competitive Rower / Coxswain - Senior $30.00       Y
Non-Competitive Rower / Coxswain - Junior $30.00       Y
Temporary Member e.g. Learn to row $10.00       Y
Other e.g. Life member $0.00       Y
  • 'Event Type' is defined for each event at each regatta. Review a Regatta's Event List to check the Event Type
  • 1 Senior Competitive Rowers also need to meet age eligibility to compete in Masters events
  • 2 Junior Competitive Rowers also need to meet school eligibility requirements to compete in School Regattas
  • Refer to the Rules of Racing for additional eligibility requirements
  • 'Unrestricted' events are those open to all members (irrespective of membership type) e.g. EQ Regattas, Canning Bridge Classic (certain events only)



2024 Rowing WA Seat Fees

Seat Fee Category Type Seat Fee3 (per event)
State Championships (All Grades) and Masters Championships (All Grades) $20.50 per rower
Pennant (A - D Grade) and Masters (All Grades) Non-Championship Regattas $14.70 per rower
All Schools Championship $12.00 per rower
All Schools Non-Championships regattas $11.00 per rower
Head Race (All Grades) events $14.50 per rower
  • 3 Seat Fees are per event, not per race i.e. if an event has heats, semis, and finals, the Seat Fee is only paid once



2024 Rowing WA Rule Infringement Fines

Regatta Fines Cost
Conducting a rowing event without RWA's sanction $100.00 max
CREW SCRATCHING: notification less than 30 minutes before its race $10.00
CREW SCRATCHING: not notified or presenting to Start $20.00
CREW SUBSTITUTION: notification less than 30 minutes before its race $10.00
FAILURE TO START: Crew not starting (Late) $10.00
FAILURE TO START: in a Final after qualifying $50.00
FAILURE TO CORRECT: a rowers' error file before closing online of subs $10.00
Non-participant rowing down the course without permission during a race $20.00
UNIFORM INFRINGEMENT: Infringement of colours/uniforms Rule 24 $10.00 per person max
BOW NUMBER REPLACEMENT FEE: for damaged & missing bow numbers. $16.50 per bow number