Dockers Take on the Lake

Published Tue 20 Feb 2024

After being inspired by The Boys in the Boat, the Fremantle Dockers AFL team called on their friend Tony Lovrich to teach them how to row.

Connection and resilience were strong themes of the morning. Players had a Q&A with Tony before their session where they had a chance to hear the story of his Olympic Silver medal, and lessons he's learned from the Guildford rowing program.

Starting with an erg challenge led by skipper Alex Pearce, the players then split into four Coxed Eights based on their in-house teams. Assigned an experienced coach, each crew had just 60 minutes on the water to learn as much as they could before lining up for a 500m dash. With only one crew capsizing in the process we would say that's a serious achievement. Tony and his small team of superstar Guildford Grammar School students and coaches used all their skill to get the boys up and going - a phenomenal effort!!

Injured players and support staff got in on the fun by taking to the water in training sculls and had a ball trying not to fall in (or in some cases - falling in as many times as possible!)

Next step is to get a talent transfer arrangement in place!! 


Thank you to the FFC Media team for some amazing photos of the day: