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Masters Rowers in Western Australia span a range of ages from 27 to 80+!

The aim of a masters rower can be everything from recreational rowing to competing at Open and/or Masters Club, State, National and/or International Regattas. Some of our current community have raced previously at the elite level, some might have returned to the sport after a break, others have just recently embraced the sport or have connected with the sport via friends and family. Masters rowing also focuses on the health and fitness benefits of rowing, socialising and forming friendships.

The definition of a Masters rower from World Rowing/FISA is: 

A rower may compete as a masters rower from the beginning of the year during which they turn 27. Masters rowers are then placed in categories A to M, 'A' being an average of 27 years or over, and M being an average of 89 years or over. Dependent on the age they turn that year, the rower will compete against others with the same average in the respective category.  The average and minimum age of a crew competing excludes coxswains. Coxswains of masters crews do not need to be masters aged themselves.

Racing takes place over a brisk 1000m, and the National Championships regatta can attract over 1000 rowers. Masters rowers can be former elite rowers or absolute beginners who only began rowing aged 27 or above. 

Masters Rower Age Groups 

The age of a rower in a masters rowing event shall be that which he/she attains during the year of the event.

Masters rowing events shall be held in the following age categories:

  • A. Minimum age: 27 years
  • B. Average age: 36 years or more
  • C. Average age: 43 years or more
  • D. Average age: 50 years or more
  • E. Average age: 55 years or more
  • F. Average age: 60 years or more
  • G. Average age: 65 years or more
  • H. Average age: 70 years or more
  • I. Average age: 75 years or more
  • J. Average age: 80 years or more
  • K. Average age: 85 years or more
  • M. Average age: 89 years or more

Age categories do not apply to coxswains of masters crews. Each competitor shall be responsible for his/her own health and fitness. Every masters rower must be in a position to prove his/her age by presentation of an official document (passport or identity card)

2023 WA Masters Regatta Season Overview

An extensive regatta season review was conducted at the end of 2021 which included a whole of sport member survey, two Masters Open Forums, two Club Forums and many meetings of the Rowing WA Competitions Committee, to consider aspects such as the regatta calendar, regatta prorgrams, grading, pennant points and medals. The resultant outcome of this review process saw a number of changes made to the Masters regatta season.

The overview of the 2023 Masters season can be found in the link below:

2023 Masters Regatta Season Overview

Complimenting the local WA Masters regatta season is the National Masters Championships. More infomation related to this regatta can be found below:

2023 Australian Masters Rowing Championships - Penrith, NSW - 1st - 4th June

Rowing Australia | Masters Handicaps Updates

Friday, 23rd September 2022

2023 Masters Forum

Thanks to all those that took part in the 2023 end of season Masters Forum to provide feedback and insights into the 2023 Masters regatta season and broader Masters-related matters. 

For those that were unable to attend, below are the minutes from this meeting:

Feedback from this forum, and the End of Season Survey, will be discussed with the Masters Committee and Competitions Committee to determine what changes are required in 2024.

International Racing

There are a number of exciting international racing opportunities available to masters.

World Masters Regattas

The World Rowing Masters Regatta is a four day regatta held annually. The regatta is open to anyone who'd like to race, and includes events for mixed crews. There is no progression system, so a medal is awarded to the winner of each race. 

The 2023 regatta was held in Tshwane, South Africa. Rowers from ANA and SRRC competed very successfully!

The 2024 regatta is being held in Brandenburg, Germany.

Henley Masters Regatta

Held in July each year, and hosted by Upper Thames Rowing Club in England, Henley Masters is an incredible event in which crews race head-to-head over 1000m on the world-famous stretch of the Thames River that Henley Royal Regatta has used since 1839. 

Overseas crews must register with British Rowing in order to access the entry portal for this regatta, and there are boat hire options for international crews. 

More information can be found at the Henley Masters Regatta website. 

Head of the Charles

The Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR) is a world-famous event held annually in Boston, USA. The three-day spectacle attracts well over 10,000 athletes and tens of thousands of spectators. Racing is conducted over a winding 3-mile (4.8km) course and in a huge variety of boat classes and age ranges. 

Masters at the HOCR don't race in the usual World Rowing sanctioned age ranges, but in divisions known as Master, Grand Master, Senior Master, Veteran, and Senior Veteran. 

Rowing WA Masters Committee

The Rowing WA Masters Committee provides advice, leadership and guidance to Rowing WA on the WA Masters rowing community. 

You can find the Masters Committee Terms of Reference here

Current Committee Members are:

  • Kate Wall (UWABC)
  • Alex Lye (FRC)
  • Michelle Blake (ANA)
  • Kathy Ride (PRC)
  • Tamsin Keevill - RWA representative on RA Masters Commission (UWABC)
  • RWA Development & Operations Manager- Chair

Masters members are encouraged to raise any issues/concerns through the Masters Committee and committee members are available to Masters members to contact.


Rowing Australia Masters Commission

The Rowing Australia Masters Commission provides advice, leadership and guidance for the Australian Masters rowing community.

Click HERE for the Rowing Australia - Masters Commission Page

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